How to video conference without people hating you

While video conferencing has been a real boon to productivity there are still lots of things that can go wrong during a conference video call.

There are some things that are just plain out of your control, but there are some things that you can control. So, after doing these for the past 15 years or so, here are some tips if you’re just getting into remote work and want to do a better job. Of course I have been guilty of all of these. :D

Stuff to have

What about an integrated headset and microphone? This totally depends on the type. I tend to prefer the full sound of a real microphone but the boom mics on some of these headsets are quite good. If you have awesome heaphones already you can add a modmic to turn them into headsets. I find that even the most budget dedicated headsets sound better than earbud microphones.

Stuff to get rid of

Garbage Habits we all hate

If you’re just dialing in to listen then most of these won’t apply to you, however …

Treat video conferencing like you do everything else at work

We invest in our computers and our developer tools, think seriously about putting your video conferencing footprint in that namespace. There is a good chance no one will notice that you always sound good, but it’s one of those background quality things that just makes everyone more productive. Besides, think of the money you’ve spent on your laptop and everything else to make you better at work, better audio gear is a good investment.

In the real world, sometimes you just have to travel and you find yourself stuck on a laptop on hotel wireless in a corner trying to your job, but I strive to make that situation the exception!